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Program Structure of Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

Course Code Sem I Course Code SEM II
MBA1001 Management Fundamentals MBA2001 Financial Management
MBA1002 Organizational Behavior MBA2002 Human Resource Management
MBA1003 Business Economics MBA2003 Operations & Supply Chain Management
MBA1004 Basics of Marketing MBA2004 Information Systems for Managers
MBA1005 Managerial Accounting MBA2005 Business Research Methodology
MBA1006 Legal Aspects of Business MBA2006 Startup and New Venture
Course Code Sem III Course Code Sem IV
MBA3001 Strategic Management MBA4001 International Business Management
MBA3002 Business Ethics MBA4002 Management Control System
Elective I Elective I
Elective II Elective II
Elective III Elective III
Elective IV MBA4015 Project
Spec Course Code Marketing Course Code Finance Course Code HR Course Code Health Care Management
Sem III Elective I MBA3103 Consumer Buying Behaviour MBA310 7 Direct Taxation MBA3111 Labour & Social Security Laws MBA3115 Health Care and Hospital Environment
Sem III Elective II MBA3104 Services Marketing MBA310 8 International Finance MBA3112 Compensation Management MBA3116 Health Care Economics
Sem III Elective III MBA3105 Integrated Marketing Communicat ions MBA310 9 Financial Laws MBA3113 Employment Relations MBA3117 Information Technology for Hospitals
Sem III Elective IV MBA3106 Product & Brand Managemen t MBA311 0 Risk Management MBA3114 Strategic Human Resource Management MBA3118 Hospital Operations Management
Sem IV Elective I MBA4103 Digital Marketing MBA410 6 Behavioural Finance MBA4109 Human Resource Information System MBA4112 Hospital Management Control Systems
Sem IV Elective II MBA4104 Marketing of Financial Services MBA410 7 Banking Operations MBA4110 Recruitment and Selection MBA4113 Healthcare Insurance and Risk Management
Sem IV Elective III MBA4105 Business to Business Marketing MBA410 8 Corporate Finance MBA4111 Emerging Trends in HR MBA4114 Legal and Ethical Issues for Hospitals