June 8, 2023
SCDL Project Report

K. N. SOLUTIONS. 8171-888-284. | BUSINESS LAW SAMPLE PAPER | SCDL Solved Sample Paper

SCDL Solved Sample paper/ SCDL Business Law Sample Paper is here for a quick review.

SCDL Business Law is in Ist Semester of the SCDL PGDBA Course.

The important chapters from the book are:-

Chapter 1- Indian Contract Act, 1872- Part I

Chapter 2- Indian Contract Act, 1872-Part II

Chapter 5- Sale of Goods Act

Chapter8- Companies Act, 2013

 liability in indemnity is contingent and may not arise at all. Thirdly, an indemnifier might act without the debtor’s behest, while a surety always waits for the principal debtor’s request. Finally, the liability of an indemnifier towards the indemnity holder is primary. It is characterised by all the essential elements of a valid contract, i.e. lawful object, consideration, free consent of the parties, capacity of the parties to contract, etc

The offer must be communicated to the person to whom it is made to become a valid offer. This means that the person who is intended to accept the offer must have knowledge about the offer i.e. the offer must be communicated to him.

Communication of offer is the most primary thing which is to be done for a valid offer. The offeror must communicate offer to the offeree.

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