June 8, 2023

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SCDL Solved Sample Papers 2022 | K. N. SOLUTIONS. Ph. 8171-888-284.

SCDL Solved Sample paper/ SCDL Human Resource Management Sample Paper is here for a quick review.

SCDL Human Resource Management is in II nd Semester of the SCDL PGDBA Course.

The important chapters from the book are:-

Chapter 3- Job Evaluation

Chapter 5- Training and Development

Chapter 10- HRD Audit

Chapter 12- Good HR Practices

Chapter 13- Recent Techniques in Human Resource Management

1-VRS offer companies an empathetic way to relieve employees of their duties while improving their economic efficiency.

2-the scheme is voluntary. Nobody can force the employees into opting for early retirement. Additionally, the entire process is very transparent. So, the trade unions do not object to it.

3-At the time of retirement, the employee receives all the benefits and dues they are owed. They can use these funds to pursue other interests or even start their own business.

4-Voluntary retirement can reduce the company’s overall costs. When payroll costs are lowered, the money can be directed to several other operations to boost productivity.

5-The company provides rehabilitation like training to impart new employability skills to their employees. This helps them get another job in the future.

Quality audits are an important function for driving growth within organisations.

They provide mechanisms to evaluate the efficiency of the business and help managers to identify whether applied strategies are delivering results.

  • Improve the quality of the system as well as the quality of the product.
  •  Assess the cost-effectiveness of quality systems.
  • Measure the effectiveness of quality programmes.
  •  Increase productivity by making product output more uniform, reducing mistakes and cutting wastage of resources and manpower.
  • Give employees the chance to report inadequacies in the interpretation of basic quality.

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