May 25, 2022
How to prepare SCDL Project

How to prepare SCDL Project? How do I submit a project to SCDL? Help in SCDL Project Report? what is SCDL Plagiarism Report?

While pursuing course from SCDL, a student has to prepare a Project Report in 4th Semester, submit it to SCDL and get project Approved with minimum passing marks.

According to the Specialization/ Course chosen by a student, SCDL provides a list of topics for the projects, a student has to choose a topic from the list and prepare the project in strict accordance to the Guidelines stated by SCDL- like the number of pages, font size, contents, data, etc.

Either the student, if working, can prepare a project based on his company in which he is working or he can prepare a general project.

How to submit SCDL Project?

First, the student has to pay Rs.600/= Online SCDL Project Fee to SCDL.

Second, the project has to be uploaded on the SCDL site, after entering through the login id and password provided to the student.

Third, the student has to make a “ZIP File” of the project along with “Plagiarism Report” which provides details and percentage about the Originality of the Content used for making the project by the student.

Problematic ??

Finding it too much time consuming and cumbersome to approach to a company for original data or search unique data over the web??

Solution is here…

We, with the help of Industry Experts and with our collaborations with various corporates, we will provide you a Unique Plagiarism Free Project Report as per your Course/ Specialization, which will be approved by SCDL in the first attempt only.

You have to just upload it to the SCDL Site!!

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