October 3, 2022
How to prepare SCDL Project


SCDL Solved Sample paper/ SCDL Financial Management  Sample Paper is here for a quick review.

SCDL Financial Management  is in II nd Semester of the SCDL PGDBA Course.

The important chapters from the book are:-

Chapter 5- Interpretation of Financial Statements

Chapter 6- Capitalisation

Chapter 8- Capital Structure

Chapter 11- Capital Budgeting

Chapter 12- working Capital Management

Chapter 15- Management of Inventory

Advantages of Letter of Credit to an Importer:

  1. Importer is guaranteed to receive timely delivery of goods.

    2) It makes structuring an advantageous payment schedule easy.

    3) Expediting customs clearance and ultimate delivery as the documents are received quickly.

    4) It gives an assurance to the importer that the payment will only be made to the exporter upon presentation of documents evidencing the shipment of goods.

    5) It reduces the risk of non-performance of the exporter.

In general, dividend policy becomes relevant if investors’ dividend income tax rates are higher than their capital gains tax rates.

Thus, dividend policy may affect investors’ after-tax income and therefore, the cost of capital and the value of the firm.

The tax burden on dividends depends on both corporate and personal income tax systems. In a classical system, the total tax is the sum of the corporation tax, the effective capital gains tax and the tax on dividends.

Typically, the tax on dividends exceeds the gains tax creating an incentive to reduce dividends.

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